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Lidl – is not English supermarket, but very popular in the country and also one of the cheapest supermarkets in Europe. In spite of its foreign origin, on the shelves of Lidl you can find both European and British goods.This is a shop of economy class, so the prices make a pleasant surprise and joy to many visitors. Shops of this network have an average size somewhere 700-1000 m² and a sufficiently wide range of goods (about 2000 items).

Lidl supermarkets offer numerous discounts. New sellout of household items, clothes, toys and other things passes weekly, each time some new themes. Some of the products are produced under the Lidl brand. Lidl has started bakeries in its shops across Europe. They consist of a small square with a number of ovens, as well as areas where bread and pastries, biscuits, cakes are on sale.
Lidl also offers its customers fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products, cheese, meat and sausage, bread and rolls. There are also constantly changing food and non-food items. Shop follows the policy of seasonal goods - such as delicious steaks and sausages during the barbecue season or cookies and Christmas cake during the Christmas season.

In addition, there is enough car parking in front of each Lidl market. Find out more about Lidl supermarket. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for Lidl Shop 's branches on our website.

Lidl Opening times, Lidl Coventry, John Wigley Way 1

Store Lidl In Coventry, John Wigley Way 1

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Store Lidl In Coventry, Binley Road 87

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Store Lidl In Coventry, Brandon Road